York County Private Yard Hunt

Got an invite from a friend out in York County to hunt some private property.  That’s a long drive for me, but I’m always up for new places.

Before heading out, I did some research on an old town near the meet up site, which happened to have an old park, so I got out really early to hit that site.  Site was pretty dead, surrendering just one crusty wheat penny, but the town looked like it had other potential.

Onto the first site, which didn’t seem to have a ton of promise, but a fellow detectorist pulled a barber quarter out of some roadside gravel.

The second site was a private yard of an old home, which the owner said had been hit pretty well before, but I managed to find a few silver objects — a silver Canadian dime dated 1920, and a broach and pendant.

Pulled quite a few wheaties; I usually pull one silver coin for every 2.5 wheaties, so I was prolly owed another dime or two, but we take what the dirt is gracious enough to give us, and it was quite a fun hunt in any case.

Guys, if you want to come to Chester County, anytime.

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