Four Silvers Today

Got out today to a very stingy site, and was surprised that it gave up 4 silvers and 7 wheaties. The first one was turned out to be an almost smooth 1 reale Spanish Silver, at 7-8 inches, coming in at 12-41 on the E-Trac.  I’ve found a couple of coppers at this site, so the potential for old silver has always been there, but this is my first reale from this site, and 6th Spanish silver of my career.  Sadly, it is also one of the most abused.

Two of the other silvers were hard as well, one was ferrous affected, and one was on its side.  It look quite a bit of work to get the latter, as is rang out as an obvious silver, but pinpointed about 6 inches off.  The final silver was a slam dunk; they are fun.

I really do believe the 13 inch coil was paying dividends today, especially on the reale, as those are thin, and it was deep.

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