Yesterday’s Hunt

This past week, I caught a nasty virus, and did not metal detect all week, nor did I feel up to research.

But, a friend of mine sent an invite to hunt some private properties on Sunday.  I felt not great, but OK enough to do it, so I jumped at the opportunity.

And I got 9 wheaties, 1 silver quarter, a 1919 buffalo nickel, and a 19 gram fragment of a silver spoon (that’s alot, as these things go).  It was an awesome hunt, and the best part was the owner of one of the properties (a 1730′s farmhouse, giving us a tour of the house).  My friend got 4 silvers and 13 wheats.  There’s more color that could be added to the writeup of the hunt (its all good), but I’m still a bit sick, and just want to hit the publish button and watch a movie.

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