Recent Hunts

Got out for a bit on Monday and today,  Got a couple of buffs (both with dates) and 5 wheaties, but no silver on Monday.  Got a couple of rosies, and no wheaties today. Also got a copper today, but it is a smoothie, and we don’t do pics of smoothies around here.  It counts tho, and it is my 21st large copper of the year.  Not bad, as these things go, I guess.

Not sure if I’ll blog on the “dilemma”, or not.  Cool problem, tho.  Did get some feedback — don’t give us economic thought experiments — teach us how you find silver.  Well, not sure how to do that, the dilemma is much more interesting, but I will say one of today’s silvers had a CO of 37 and was only 4 inches deep.  It was totally affected by ferrous, and no doubt its situation bamboozled the competition, as the site I’m on has been hunted hard.  Not really sure how to teach: “buy an E-Trac and put in the time and effort to learn how to use it”, but here is an attempt — when you get something like this, and you are in “deep on/fast off”, switch to “deep off/fast on”, to see if you can get better separation.  Didn’t work in this case cause I think the ferrous was big and right under it, but sometimes it does.

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