Big Silver from the Private Yard

Another hunt at this nice woman’s house, and I managed to pull a walker and a quarter today. In one of our conversations, she had told me that her late husband used to own a metal detector.  Good thing for me that he missed that walker, tho in all fairness, she said he mostly used his MD on the beach.

I’m gonna start doing some of the pics with dirt on them ’cause there’s this asshole on one of the forums who likes to doubt my finds and otherwise get it my face for no reason.  I don’t even know this ‘hole or what is problem is, never met him.  Oh well, there’s always people like that out there.

I’m an economist, so I look at things from the point of view of incentives.  What incentive to I have to make this stuff up and go thru all this trouble?  It is a ton of work.  My guess is that he just has silver envy (and prolly other envy as well).

Well, I doubt he (or much of anyone), read this blog, so it doesn’t much matter, but I kinda like them with the dirt on, so we’ll see going forward.

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