1958 Rosie

Lots goin’ on here, so lets roll it.  We don’t do “stories” here anymore, but if we did, that is what this would be.  First problem — this post scrolls off that beautiful “11 Silvers Today” link under “Recent Posts”.  Oh well, all things must pass.

So, today, back to “Chester County’s hardest silver site”, and why not, if it gives up the shiny once in awhile? And the first target of the day was a slam dunk 1958 rosie.  Are you kidding me?  This is either a win for my skill of reading the site to find the location of the slam dunk silver, or inserting my 13 inch unit into the right place,  I’m betting on the latter.  The Detech Ultimate 13 coil is a winner — now pulling 3 silvers out of this hunted out park. (2 others were circumstantial; 2 others were my skill — that makes 7, which, in my logging system, makes it a auto-loggable site, meaning I have to edit the database (yuck).  Who would have thunk it (are you kidding me? — the spelling checker took that — chalk one up for modern linguistics!)  that “Chester County’s hardest silver site” would become loggable.  One of my best sites now (23rd on the list; admittedly a far cry from the top 2, at 140 and 127, respectively)).  So, that paragraph is why we don’t do stories anymore.

So, we titled the entry “1958 rosie”, and above it is, and its cool cause I’ve been looking to fill this hole in my dug rosie album for quite some time.  Previously, I’ve dug all the rosies without a mintmark (and most with a mintmark), but could never dig a 1958.  Now we got one.  Woohoo! (And only 8 in the entire series (all with mintmarks), remain to complete this goal).

But, there’s more.  It wouldn’t be a story (of course, it isn’t a story, just a post that is like what used to be a story, since stories are defunct), if there wasn’t a “more”, and that “more” is this:  When I was detecting “Chester County’s hardest silver site” today, (a public park, BTW, to the newbies to “randy’s Metal Detecting Blog”), some dude comes up to me and sayz — he’s with some local historical society and is looking for a metal detectorist to detect the site of an amusement park that was closed down 100 years ago.  How cool is that?  Are you kidding me?  I sayz yeah –I’ll do it (wouldn’t you?).  The bad news is that my own research (surprised that someone who could write asinine stories could do intelligent research?) located the site, and suggests that it is a very hard site, due to massive undergrowth.  Oh well.

But of course I’ll do it.  It will be fun, and it never hurts to get in good with the municipal and historical society elders, and do the right thing and help them (forget the fact that an economist just wrote this post :-) ).  Good karma from our hobby is a good thing.  Don’t you agree?

But, amazingly, there’s more.  And that “more” is what this post was gonna be, before I unexpectedly was able to get out for a couple hours today; it was to be an entry in the “Friday Afternoon Album” category for a change.  And, it was to be titled “The Holy Trinity”.

Those who used to read my FB posts regarding the FAA know the Holy Trinity to be Sandy Denny, Annie, Haslam, and Maddy Prior.  But, what if there we’re a fourth member?  I’d always thought such a fourth member would be Pat Benetar (and no one can belt it as high and loud as she can, even the Trinity), but the songwriting (and her insistence on following such lame songwriting, rather than doing something majesticly great with those pipes, always disqualified her in my mind), but there is now, not a 4th member, but a 4th nominee, and that is Florence Welsh (better known as “Florence and the Machine”).  Are you kidding me?  Have you heard this stuff?  Yeah, the songwriting still mostly sucks (but it has its moments), but at least it is early in her career.  There is time, and her vox is magic.  Imagine Flo Welsh fronting a band with Richard Thompson on axe and Ashley Hutchings on song selections and arrangements.  Are you kidding me?  I don’t believe in heaven, but if I did, and such heaven excluded the Holy Trinity, that would be my vision of it.

So, why does this matter?  Cause I need a 4 for some letterbox clues.  The obvious 4 is the elements, but its too cliche and too overdone.  So, I was thinking of doing the Holy Trinity (assuming I could find someone to carve it).  One problem, “trinity” doesn’t exactly equal 4, (but close enough for the target audience).  Its a question of who to make the 4th?

Pat Benetar doesn’t make the cut.  Florence Welch has the voice of a goddess, and is Trinity worthy, but doesn’t have enough history, so, I’ve decided to make the 4th member Serj Tankian.  Bet ya didn’t see that coming.  Who sayz they all have to be girls?  Serj is likely the best male rock vocalist of all time (yeah Ronnie James Dio is in there too), and again, despite some catastrophically bad songwriting (but enough good songwriting to make up for it), he has earned the spot.  So, that is the 4 for my letterboxing clues.  We’ll see if anyone carves them.

Nailed it baby!  We’ll maybe not, but exactly what I wanted to do.  Now, a break from detecting.  And, the best part is, that if someone googles “Sandy Denny, Annie Haslam, Maddy Prior, Florence Welch (or Serj Tankian (what are the odds?))”, this page will likely end up on top.  How cool is that?  If you are that person, e-mail me.  (Yeah, nailed it, but what sucks is that this entry will be fronting the blog for a week.  I have something cool to post in the next couple of days to prevent that :) )

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